Inventory and prices are not posted and change frequently. Please call us for any questions on pricing or availability.

Rifle & Pistol Scopes

Rifle Scopes & Pistol Scopes

In this day and age, most firearm owners use some optics on most of their guns. You can mount optics not only on rifles, but also shotguns and handguns. Rifle Scopes and Pistol Scopes are similar, but commonly mistaken. Rifle scopes provide magnification for focusing on long-range targets; whereas, Pistol Scopes or gun sights do not. If you’re looking for a rifle scope or pistol scope Glauber’s has the best selection of your favorite brands.

Rifle Scopes

Selecting the right Rifle Scope for your needs can feel overwhelming. There’s the lingo, the technical specifications, and a ton of options and brands to choose from. Glauber’s Sports has the experienced staff to help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing a scope for your rifle.

Choosing the right rifle scope depends on what you will use it for. Hunters, target shooters and competitive shooters alike have hundreds of scopes to choose from. The rifle scope you choose depends on a couple of factors.

Tips for Choosing the Best Rifle Scope

  • What will you use your rifle for?
    Self-Defense, Target Shooting, or Hunting Game?
  • How far away or what magnification will you need?
    Long-Range Scopes use Magnification.
    Close-Range Sights use Laser Dots or Pins.
  • What is your budget?
    Fixed Scopes are more cost-effective.
    High-Range Variability tends to cost more.
  • What will the Typical Environmental Conditions be?
    Fog, heat, moisture & humidity can affect your scope.
Rifle Scopes & Pistol Scopes

Pistol Scopes and Pistol Sights

Handgun scopes can be one of your best resources. Depending on your choice, handgun scopes can help magnify your target, provide a clearer image and help you improve your accuracy. Improving accuracy and increasing distance, you won’t regret adding a quality made handgun scope or sight to your collection.

Fixed and Variable Magnification Pistol Scopes

One of the main differences between pistol scopes and sights will be magnification. If you choose to go with a magnifying pistol scope you’ll need to decide between fixed or variable magnification power. Fixed power magnification pistol scopes will typically have distances from 2X, 4X or 6X. A variable power magnification pistol scope will graduate through a range such as 2-6X, 2.5-8X or 2-7X.

Best Selection of Pistol Scopes and Pistol Sights

Glauber’s Sports’ showroom has the largest selection of high-quality pistol scopes and sights at prices you won’t believe. Our trained staff are able to answer questions and help you select the best pistol scope for your needs. We offer free pistol scope mounting and can help show you the basics of using your new accessory to become a better more accurate shooter. The Big Box Stores can’t compare to the service and knowledge you’ll find just North of Louisville in Carrollton, KY.

Inventory and prices are not posted and change frequently. Please call us for any questions on pricing or availability.

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