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Fiber Optics vs Tritium Sights

Glauber’s Sports carries both Fiber Optics and Tritium Sights for your Pistol or Handgun. No matter which side of the debate you’re on, we’ve got you covered with the best brands.

Fiber optic sights are made of a thin, pliable, transparent string of glass or plastic. This ultra thin fiber illuminates every bit of light that hits it making it incredibly easy to see in almost any lighting conditions. While optical fiber can be made in any color, red and green are the most common colors for Fiber Optic Gun Sights. When choosing a Fiber Optic Gun Sight you will want to compare the width of the fiber with your shooting style. Wider fibers are more visible, but can potentially occlude the target.

Tritium sights, on the other hand, use a radioactive hydrogen isotope that is usually made artificially. The material is very low energy and harmless (just don’t eat it) and operates like a glow-in-the-dark toy. Exposing Tritium Pistol Sights to light will store the energy that the sight will, in turn, produce on its own for a duration of time afterward. The light is not strong enough to impact a shooter’s night vision, just enough to get the job done.

Tritium Sights do have a “half-life” of approximately 12.5 years. So after that amount of time, the strength of the light is about half as bright as when it was originally manufactured. The Tritium Gun Sights may still have plenty of brightness to continue to do their job, just remember they will eventually need to be replaced. Fiber Optic Pistol Sights, on the other hand, do not break down over time.

Fiber Optic Gun Sights tend to run at about half the cost of the Glow-In-The-Dark, Tritium Gun Sights. So if cost is your concern that may sway you toward Fiber Optics. Tritium Gun Sights also need to be exposed to light to do their job. So if you keep your Pistol or Handgun in a gun safe, closet or dresser drawer, the Titium Sight won’t be much help in a pinch. Fiber Optic Gun Sights; however, do require some light in order to illuminate. Therefore, if you’re in a very dark place, the gun sight will not be as visible. Tritium sights produce their own light (as long as it has been charged) so using your firearm in near pitch black will still allow you to see your sights. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Fiber Optic Gun Sights are visible even during the day; whereas, Tritium Sights are not.

If you’re still not sure which Pistol or Handgun sight is best for you, stop by Glauber’s Sports, just a quick drive from Louisville or Cinicinnati, and let our experienced team guide you through.

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Inventory and prices are not posted and change frequently. Please call us for any questions on pricing or availability.

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