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At Glauber’s Sports, we don’t just have the biggest selection of guns, archery, ammo, and accessories in Kentuckiana, we also have a huge variety of safes, hunting blinds, decoys, targets, traps, and food processing supplies. We’ve got you covered from the do-it-yourself survival enthusiasts to the backyard bbq masters. Come to Glauber’s Sports and see for yourself.

Spypoint Trail Cameras logo

Spypoint Trail Cameras

Glauber’s Sports has Spypoint trail cameras for every hunter. From LTE cellular trail cameras that continue to challenge traditional expectations of performance and value, to the top of the line Spypoint trail cams paired with integrated lithium batteries and solar panel technology. Stop by today for an in-stock demo!

Tactacam Trail Cameras logo

Tactacam Trail Cameras

You won’t find a better selection of trail cameras than at Glauber’s Sports in Carrolton, KY. Our Tactacam trail cams offer up to 4K high-definition resolution, better magnification and image stabilization. All Tactacam trail cameras are weatherproof and fit any weapon, firearm or bow. This brand has many options for the high-tech trail hunter depending on the device including slow motion, remote sync, wi-fi & app compatibility. If you’re wanting to up your game, stop by Glauber’s Sports and one of our experienced reps can assist you.

Gun Safes

Protect your investments from fire, burglary, and liability with a quality gun safe. Our showroom floor has several models ranging from $699 to $3,000 and we also offer delivery. We have digital locking gun safes, traditional combination gun safes and more.

Surelock Gun Safes Dealer

If you’re looking for a well known, quality brand gun safe company look no further than Surelock Security Gun Safes. This premier gun safe company is known throughout the United States of America and has a reputation you can trust. They make it easy to keep your guns and ammo safe from fire, theft, and accidents.

Gun Cases & Carry Bags

A case not only protects your equipment from damage but makes transport a lot easier. If you don’t already have a case for your firearm we recommend you take a look at our full line of cases before embarking on that next hunting expedition. We have locking cases, hard gun cases, and soft rifle bags. You’ll find a great selection of conceal and carry purses and bags, gun briefcases and rifle shoulder bags. Whether you’re considering storage for travel or the convenience for hiking or backpacking through the wilderness, you’ll find a great selection of gun cases & carry bags at Glauber’s Sports.

Gun Safes & Cary Bags
Millennium Buck Huts

Millennium Buck Huts

  • Heavy duty water-resistant soft shell
  • Black windows & interior for ultimate concealment
  • Adjustable legs for leveling on uneven ground
  • Heavy duty powder coat steel construction
  • Includes stabilizing anchoring kit
Tree Stands & Hunting Blinds

Tree Stands & Hunting Blinds

Regardless of what or where you’re hunting you want to get the best shot possible. This involves remaining camouflaged and attaining an advantageous position from which to shoot. Tree stands for hunting allow you to get close to nature and embed yourself in the environment, waiting for the perfect moment to catch that perfect shot and take home the prize. At Glauber’s, we have Tree Stands for hunting at great prices to fit your budget. We have the best selection of tree stands and hunting blinds in stock to keep you concealed and get you closer to the game.

Authorized Dealer for Shadow Hunter Blinds

Professional grade hunting blinds for the serious rifle and bow hunter. These quality-made deer hunting blinds are built with state-of-the-art technology that maximizes structural integrity for extreme durability. Shadow Hunter Blinds are known for their superior craftsmanship, the quality and consideration put into every detail and a commitment to creating the best hunting blind on the market. Come by our Carrollton, KY showroom and talk to an associate about our selection of Shadow Hunter Blinds today!

Gun Vises & Rifle Rests

Whether you’re an advanced gunsmith or a beginner a gun vise is a useful tool for making sight adjustments, cleaning and modifications. Most gun vises come with padding and soft corners to prevent scratching your firearms during cleaning and handling. It’s important to get the right gun vise for your firearm and your needs. If you aren’t sure where to start, our friendly staff are ready to help you find the ideal gun vise for your pistol or rifle at Glauber’s Sports.

We also stock the best rifle rests to help you shoot tighter groups and save your shoulders from recoil. A rifle shooting rest is different from a gun vise. There are 4 types of shooting rests; Lead Sled, Shooting Bag, Shooting Table & Shooting Pods. Whether you are using a shooting rest for hunting, target shooting, scope sighting etc, Glauber’s Sports can help you choose the best rifle rest for your needs.

Hunting Decoys & Trapping Supplies

Glauber’s Sports has a large variety of the best hunting decoys, ranging from turkey and waterfowl to deer and boar. Whether you’re an outdoorsman, wildlife photographer or an expert game hunter using a decoy helps attract your target to within range. Hunting decoys come in a variety of models to draw out deer, turkey, ducks and more. Our realistic 3D models are assured to attract game and bring you closer to that next trophy kill.

We carry a full line of Traps and Trapping supplies with a variety of supplies in stock. Our selection ranges from Hunting Traps, Trapping Lure and Bait, Trapping Gauntlets, Trap Dye and Trap Wax, Fur Handling Supplies, Trowels, Packbaskets, Snare Supplies and Cable, Trap Chains etc. Practice your survival skills and the art of trapping game with Glauber’s Sports.

Shooting Targets

Improve your marksmanship with our extensive selection of shooting targets. Hone your hunting skills with our animal targets or practice your defense with human silhouettes. We even carry tactical targets illustrating hostage situations and no-shoot zones.

Best Variety of Shooting Targets

Glauber’s Sports has the best selection of shooting targets from traditional shooting range targets to fun practice targets that explode. Whether you’re looking to master your long range or learn the feel for a new firearm, there’s a shooting target for every budget and price range.

Glauber’s Carries Shooting Targets Such As:

  • Skeet Shooting & Clay Pigeons
  • Sporting Clay Targets
  • Bullseye Targets
  • Silhouette Shooting Targets
  • Paper Shooting Targets
  • Metal Shooting Targets
  • Exploding Targets
  • Spinning Targets
  • Foam Jumping Targets

Pocket Knives, Multi-Tools & Survival Knives

What hunter would dare venture out into the great wide open without a trusty pocket knife? The answer is none. So next time you’re looking for that perfect gift for that avid hunter or outdoorsman, come to Glauber’s Sports in Carrollton, KY.

Glauber’s has an impressive selection of knives ranging from pocket knives, cleaning knives, multi-tools, to larger survival knives. You’ll find knives in a variety of colors such as camouflage, pink, black, chrome, brushed and matte finishes. We are a proud supporter and dealer for Kershaw and Outdoor Edge Knives.

Pocket Knives, Multi-Tools & Survival Knives

Best Seasonings for Your Food Processing

If you’re a wild game hunter, you may want to try processing your own meat. Glauber’s has an assortment of specialty food processing essentials for Game & Food Processing at home. Survival enthusiasts, naturalists, and just plain ole home chefs can all appreciate the flavor and the satisfaction of a homemade, and sometimes home caught, meal or treat. At Glauber’s Sports, you can find Home Food Processing Equipment like home meat grinders and vacuum sealers, sausage making, dehydrators and jerky making supplies, seasonings, tools and more.

Hi Mountain Jerky

Hi Mountain Mesquite Blend Jerky Kit

Mesquite Blend Jerky Kit

Hi Mountain Pepperoni Blend Jerky Kit

Pepperoni Blend Jerky Kit

Dan-O’s Seasoning

Dan-O's Original Seasoning

Original Seasoning

Dan-O's Spicy Seasoning

Dan-O's Spicy Seasoning

Inventory and prices are not posted and change frequently. Please call us for any questions on pricing or availability.

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