Glauber’s Sports has an excellent optics department. We carry a large selection of scopes for your rifle, pistol or crossbow. Whether you’re hunting or long-range competition shooting Glauber’s Sports will help you get sighted in.

We sell more Leupold than any other sporting goods store in TN, KY & VA. We have the same prices as those Big Box stores & web sites but w/ awesome service like free mounting & bore sighting.


Laser sights are a wise addition to your personal defense weapon. Lasers help you to be fast and accurate in dangerous, high stress situations. Glauber’s Sports stocks a variety of rail mounted and grip integrated lasers to fit any firearm.

Fiber Optic Sights

Glauber’s Sports also has a wide variety of night sights and fiber-optic sights for your gun or bow. These sights illuminate in low-light and in the dark, and even provide increased visibility in daylight..


Binoculars are an important tool for hunters or spotters. We carry a wide variety from compact models to rugged waterproof models. Zoom in with Glauber’s Sports.

Range Finders

We also carry range-finders from the top brands in the industry. We have range-finders to fit any budget, from entry-level to elite models.

Glauber’s Sports has everything you need to get sighted in!
We stock the best optics from the best manufacturers: