Glauber’s Sports has a huge selection of pistols. We have on display an industry wide showcase of hundreds of pistols to choose from with a knowledgeable staff to help you select the best pistol for your needs. We carry everything from pocket pistols and subcompacts to 1911s and .50 cals, from antiques to modern day.


We carry a wide variety of rifles, from small caliber “plinkers” to muzzle loaders to carbines. We’ve got AR-15 and AK-47 accessories. We have the rifle you’ve been looking for! Choose between rimfires, hunting, target, tactical and magnum rifles!


Glauber’s Sports has an enormous selection of shotguns, lining an entire wall and filling several racks and glass cases. Whether you’re hunting waterfowl or shooting clays, we have the right gun for you. We stock shotguns in every gauge–410 to 10 ga, youth to adult, new and used!

Muzzle Loaders

Glauber’s has the most extensive line of muzzle loading rifles, pistols and revolvers for the black powder hunter and the serious collector. We carry quality, long-lasting muzzle loading weapons ranging from modern bolt-action rifles to authentic replicas of colonial and pre-colonial weapons. We also stock large variety of powder and bullets.

Glauber’s Sports is one of the largest gun dealers in the state of Kentucky with over 1,000 new and pre-owned guns in our inventory.