Glauber’s Sports has a huge selection of ammo on hand. Whether you’re looking for affordable target rounds, dependable defense rounds, or powerful hunting rounds… we’ve got you covered. We carry all the popular calibers as well as many hard to find calibers that most other stores don’t stock. If you need it, we have it.


While some stores are downsizing their Reloading Department, we are constantly updating ours. We are the tri-state area’s largest ammo reloading center. We only stock the best quality powders. We have over 50 different powders to choose from. Our resident reloading expert, Tim Ellegood, is here to help you with your reloading needs.


You may have noticed recently, as gun-laws become increasingly restrictive, that ammo prices have spiked and certain rounds are hard to find.

At Glauber’s Sports we stock every kind of ammo for any kind of shooting!