Shop Every Type of Shotgun in Every Gauge

Glauber’s Sports, shooting and hunting store near Louisville, KY, has an enormous selection of shotguns, lining an entire wall and filling several racks and glass cases. Whether you’re hunting waterfowl or shooting clays, we have the right shotgun for your hunting trip. We stock shotguns in every gauge–410 to 10 ga, youth to adult, and we carry a complete selection of both new shotguns and used or refurbished shotguns at affordable prices.

Bolt-Action Shotguns

A classic, familiar design, bolt-action shotguns are strong with a simplistic beauty. We carry a wide variety of the most popular bolt-action shotgun brands such as Browning, Savage, and Winchester. You’ll find everything you need from single-shots to semi-automatic repeaters. For the sportsman who appreciates one shot precision and skill of technique, the bolt-action shotgun doesn’t disappoint.

Pump-Action Shotguns

Pump-action shotguns are a popular firearm for hunters and home defense alike. Sometimes referred to as slide action shotguns, pump-action shotguns reload by pumping or sliding the forestock or fore end of the gun. Pump-action shotguns are popular for their reliability and affordable price. Used in many types of hunting from ducks, pheasants, and geese to clay pigeons and other targets, Glauber’s has a huge selection of pump-action shotguns and ammunition from the best brands such as Remington, Benelli Nova, Mossberg, Winchester and more!

Semi-Automatic Shotguns

If you’re looking for semi-automatic shotguns or self-loading shotguns, look no further. Glauber’s Sports has 100s of semi-automatic shotguns and ammunition. A semi-automatic shotgun ejects the empty hull after each shot and loads fresh shotshells from the magazine each time you pull the trigger. Semi-automatic shotguns typically use tubular magazines or shells. Some of the most popular semi-automatic shotgun brands are Mossberg, Benelli Weatherby, Browning, Beretta, and FN SLP Mark I. While in the early days, semi-automatic shotguns had a dependency on certain types of ammunition, modern designers have expanded the technology and reliability to ensure a broad range of loads and shot weight can be used without malfunction. Semi-automatic shotgun ammunition includes 12/76 gauge, 12/70 gauge and shot weights from 24 g to 52 g.

Break-Action Single Barrel or Double Barrel Shotguns

Another popular firearm at Glauber’s Sports is the break-action shotgun or hinge-action shotgun. Easy to open and inspect, the break-action shotgun is loaded directly into the chamber and closed by pushing the fore end and barrel upward. Break-action shotguns can have single barrel or double barrels. As one of the largest gun stores near Louisville, KY, you will find a complete selection of break-action shotgun ammunition and supplies at Glauber’s Sports.

Full Line of Top Brands of Shotgun Ammo

Glauber’s Sports is your one-stop shop for everything you need for your shotgun. We carry Birdshot, Shotgun Slug, Buckshot, Low brass, and High brass shotgun shells. If you aren’t sure what shotgun ammo you need, let our staff guide you. Our prices and selection of shotgun ammunition and reloading supplies is huge and our prices are low.