Archery Summer Sale!

Archery season is on it’s way with compound bow season starting on September 7th and crossbow shortly following on the 21st. With roughly 100 compound bows and over 80 crossbows currently in stock, Glauber’s Pro shop has everything you need to get ready for the season.

We currently stock the new 2019 Tenpoint bows at competitive pricing. With every purchase of a new Nitro XRT, Stealth NXT, or Turbo M1 you receive a free hat and shirt along with a full service archery department that can warranty/service any new or older model Tenpoint.

Need a crossbow on a budget? Glauber’s also has “Close-out specials” on all Excalibur, Parker, and select Tenpoint crossbows starting as low as $299.99! These bows come packaged and ready with a scope, three bolts, and a soft case. Every bow has been looked over and serviced to the best of our abilities(some new and used). All close-out bows are priced to sell and ready to hunt.

For those of you taking advantage of the earlier compound bow season, we also have Mathew’s new for 2019 bows in stock including the Vertix, Traverse, and the still current Triax from 2018. The 2017 Halon 32’s are still on sale as well as all of our “Ready to hunt” bows on clearance. Clearance bows come fully equipped with everything you need to hunt except arrows and a release.

Come to Glauber’s Sports to get yourself equipped for this coming archery season. It’s worth the short drive to Carrollton!