Muzzleloader Rifles

The Old School Charm and Modern Day Benefits of Muzzleloaders

Checkout Glauber’s Sports selection of muzzleloader firearms and ammunition. There are many reasons a sportsman might choose a muzzleloader weapon. These type of firearms are challenging and require skill and technique to get your game. There are special hunt seasons for muzzleloaders when animals are in rut and there are typically fewer hunters in this category. You need to be closer in range for muzzleloader hunting, so the challenge of that one shot kill is one of skill and practice.

Modern Inline Muzzleloaders

Glauber’s Sports carries modern inline muzzleloaders and ammunition from your favorite brands such as Knight Bighorn, Remington, Lyman Great Plains, Thompson Center and more. Modern inline ignition systems of these muzzleloaders more closely resemble the actions of a modern firearm. Muzzleloaders are commonly produced in bolt, lever, rolling block and hinge styles. If you’re looking for something more historic and authentic try an inline flintlock and caplock muzzleloader rifle first produced in the early 1700s.

Muzzleloader Powder and Projectiles

There are several types of muzzleloader ammunition available. We have Black Powder Substitutes and Projectiles from 32-58 caliber.  Experience the unique feeling of loading, firing, and cleaning a muzzleloader gun and imagine what it must have been like before modern weaponry and ammunition were developed.  Glauber’s Sports in Carrollton has everything you need to create or enhance your muzzleloader collection.

Muzzleloader Accessories & Cleaning

  • Muzzleloader Cleaning Supplies
  • Rifle Slings
  • Bullet Starters
  • Ramrods and Accessories
  • Cappers & Loading
  • Breech Plugs
  • Parts and Tools
  • Rifle and Pistol Cases
  • Measure and Flasks
  • More!