Laser Sights for Rifles and Handguns

Laser sights are a wise addition to your personal defense weapon. Laser sights help you to be fast and accurate in dangerous, high-stress situations. Glauber’s Sports stocks a variety of rail mounted and grip integrated lasers to fit any firearm.

Best Selection of Laser Sights

Glauber’s Sports has the best selection of laser sights. Our inventory can include nearly any type of laser sight from the most popular brands. We carry Laser Bore Sights, Green or Red Laser Sights and Night Vision Laser Sights.

Laser Sights for Pistols, Glocks, Rifles, Rugers, Berettas and More!

Choosing the Best Laser Sight for your weapon isn’t an easy choice. There are hundreds of laser sights on the market each with its own benefits. At Glauber’s you can trust our knowledgeable staff to help you find a quality laser sight for your pistol, rifle or bow.

Glauber’s Has The Top Gun Laser Sights

Mounting a laser on your handgun, rifle or bow is a great way to improve your accuracy. Lasers can be fun and look great mounted on your weapon. So the real question is, why NOT have a laser? Modern laser sights are sleek, compact and effective. You can find handgun laser sights that work well with concealed carry pistols as well.

Top 5 Rifle Laser Sights

  1. Ade Advanced Optics Laser Sight
  2. Vokul Hot Tactical Red Laser Sight
  3. Vokul Shockproof 532nm Laser Scope
  4. Tuofeng Tactical Green Laser Sight
  5. CVLIFE Red Dot Laser Sight

Top 5 Handgun Laser Sights

  1. Crimson Trace Lasergrips Series
  2. Streamlight TLR-4 Lasers
  3. LaserMax Guide Rod Lasers
  4. LaserLyte FSL-4 Laser Sights
  5. LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser