Rifle Bags and Pistol Cases

A rifle bag or pistol case not only protects your firearm from damage but makes transport a lot easier. If you don’t already have a case for your firearm we recommend you take a look at our full line of rifle bags and pistol cases before embarking on that next hunting expedition.

Hard Shell Rifle Cases and Soft Shell Rifle Bags

There are two main types of rifle cases hard shell or soft shell. There are benefits to each, so it depends on how you want to use them. Easy to carry, quiet to use and affordable, soft shell rifle bags pack well for long hikes and provide protection from scratching and dings. Available in heavy duty materials and waterproof versions soft shell rifle bags can double as a cushion when not in use.

Hard shell rifle cases provide extra protection for your firearm from drops and weather. Their tough outer shell is often made of plastic or aluminum. The interior of the hard shell rifle case is lined with foam, sometimes perfectly cut to fit specific models of firearms, to protect the weapon from shifting around in the case. These heavy duty constructed hard shell rifle cases come with a variety of locking mechanisms including standard, and electronic. You are also required to use a TSA approved hard shell rifle case when flying to ensure the weapon is safely stored.

Pistol Cases, Digital Locking Cases, and Soft Shell Pistol Bags

When you buy a pistol or handgun, it’s important to protect your investment for security and safety. A pistol case can protect your weapon from unauthorized access, from drops and physical damage and in some cases from weather. Keep out dust and debris and keep your firearm looking like new with a soft shell pistol bag. You can find a wide selection of pistol cases and bags at Glauber’s sports such as digital locking pistol cases, biometric locking pistol cases, soft shell pistol bags and standard lockbox pistol cases in a variety of colors and camouflages.

Gun Holsters, Belts and Conceal and Carry

Glauber’s Sports has everything you need to carry and protect your weapon and with style. We have a complete selection of hard shell gun holsters and soft holsters of every size and shape. If you’re looking for a gun shoulder strap or holster belt Glauber’s Sports has you covered.

We also offer a beautiful selection of women’s conceal and carry purses and bags. These conceal and carry bags look like designer purses or handbags, but have a convenient zipper pouch and holster area that is accessible from either side. No matter what shoulder you carry your purse on, your conceal and carry pouch will be accessible.