Fiber-Optic Sights For Sale at Glauber’s Sports

Glauber’s Sports also has a wide variety of night sights and fiber-optic sights for your gun or bow. These fiber-optic sights illuminate in low-light and in the dark and even provide increased visibility in daylight.

What Are Fiber-Optic Sights?

Adding a sight to your weapon is one of the most useful upgrades you can invest in. Sights increase your accuracy and shooting range in a number of ways. Fiber-optic sights pull this off by using an optical fiber that is transparent and flexible, often made of thin threads of plastic or glass about the size of a human hair. This optical fiber is able to transmit light along its fibers, making fiber-optic sights a great choice for a handgun or pistol.

Fiber-Optic Sights for Shotguns & Pistols

Fiber-Optic sights are reflective and work well for low-light settings. Ambient light is picked up along the fibers making it easy to see. Fiber-optic sights are not only a great option for handgun sights, they are also used for shotgun sights. A front sight is pretty much your only option with shotguns, and as a result, you often get a bead on the end of a barrel and that’s it. With a fiber-optic sight, the shotgun sight lights up better making indexing your target easier and more accurate.

Fiber-Optic Bow Sights Increase Accuracy

Glauber’s Archery Pro Shop is equipped with Fiber-Optic Bow Sights for Compound Bowhunting and Competition Archery. A quality, precision fiber-optic bow sight helps archers focus on acquiring the target and the optical fiber reflects ambient light making it easy to see. Our Archery Pro Shop is stocked wall to wall with everything you need to get up to speed and out the door!