Archery Cases & Bow Cases

An archery case & bow case not only protects your equipment from damage, it makes transport a lot easier. If you don’t already have a bow case for your bow or crossbow we recommend you take a look at our full line of archery cases before embarking on that next hunting expedition.

Types of Archery Bow Cases

When deciding which bow case is right for you, consider the type of bow you have and whether you’re looking for a hard bow case or a soft bow case. Different bow cases offer different protection for your archery equipment. Higher quality bow cases are often more lightweight and offer space for accessories. Once you decide what your priorities are, Glauber’s has a complete selection of archery bow cases available in the most popular colors and styles.

Hard Bow Case vs Soft Bow Case

Hard bow cases are great for sturdy protection as a heavy duty archery case. Perfect for traveling long distance and storing in your truck or trunk, hard bow cases offer the highest level of protection for long-term storage. The drawback is that hard bow cases are more rigid, awkward and heavier than their soft shell versions.

Soft bow cases are very lightweight. This is great if you’re hiking a long distance for bowhunting for example. Easy to zip up and move around more quickly, these soft bow cases do not offer the same level of protection. Soft bow cases and are not meant to be handled roughly and tossed around like the sturdy hard bow cases can endure. A more affordable option, however, many archers start with a soft bow case and eventually add a hard bow case to the collection later. No matter which you prefer, Glauber’s Archery Pro Shop has you covered.