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Thanks for being the gun shop that takes care of their customers. Other places might be slightly cheaper, but no one can match your service. Four rifles and counting!

-Brian Smith

Thank you [Randy] and Tim for all your help and taking the time to explan things to me while shopping in your store even when I know you are busy thanks for being there and answering questions.

-Roger Cooley

New scope works great. Thanks for making it right. I guess my theory of doing business with a mom & pop store paid off. Just wanted to say thanks again.

-Scott Sizemore

I am very happy with the service that I received and I will be a returning coustomer.

-Billy George

I love my new bow and the overall experience is one that I will always remember. You opening the store on Sunday was a true testament to customer service and for small business. You earned a customer for life. My older brother will coming to see you in January. He liked the Z7 so much he wants one for himself! I told him he had to get it from you guys

-Matt Ernst

I just wanted to say THANK YOU !!!!!!!! And give you a update on my grandson shooting his new SKB century III — Picked it up on the 30th of April — shot it a little at home – went to 4H practice Friday May 6th — first 25 he busted 21 ( highest up till then was 17 ) second 25 busted 15 — third 25 busted 17 — shot in a tournament Yesterday ( Saturday ) busted 20 on the first 25 and 20 on the second 25 —– Everyone was talking about his shooting because he is so little –over all in the 9-11 class he was 4th — this is his second year of 4H shooting sports — You was right on the target by suggesting this gun — He totally loves it — the gun has little recoil — I have not patterned the gun to see how it shoots — just put the Modified choke in it and handed it to him — plan on doing some patterns this week — if anyone asks about the gun for a youth just give them my phone number and tell them to call me —- I have 2 boys that are coming over to my house to shoot his gun and some of the kids in his club wants to shoot it at practice. Randy, THANKS Again!

-George Elam