Hunting Apparel & Footwear For Every Outdoorsman

Our outfitter’s shop is stocked with a variety of hunting apparel from the biggest brands in outdoor-sports including Carhartt, Under Armour, Realtree, and Mossy Oak. Hunting in the colder months means layers of clothing, hand-warmers in your pockets and the latest in moisture wicking to ensure a comfortable hunting expedition. Glauber’s Sports has the most popular styles for:

  • Hunting Jackets, Coveralls & Winter Coats
  • Hoodies & Thermals
  • High-Visibility Clothing
  • Hunting Vests
  • T-Shirts & Baseball Caps
  • Beanies & Face-Masks
  • Globes, Belts & More!

Whether you need a camouflage coverall or bib for your next hunting trip, a jacket to stay warm working in the field or just a T-shirt for casual occasions… Glauber’s Sports has it all. We carry Men’s hunting apparel and Women’s hunting apparel and survival accessories for the whole family.

Carhartt Workwear

Carhartt workwear clothing is designed to provide a comfortable and durable fit for active people. With over 135 years of experience, Carhartt Clothing has always delivered on that promise with a popular style that everyone wants. Carhartt Clothing features tear and abrasion resistance; as well as, quality materials and craftsmanship designed to serve you for years on end.
Browse our wide selection of Carhartt Clothing that includes Carhartt overalls, Carhartt jackets, Carhartt jeans, Carhartt Bibs and Carhart coveralls, all delivering performance that will exceed your expectations.

Hunting Boots & Work Boots at Glauber’s

A successful journey on a hunting trip through the woods and creeks and a hard day’s work on a tough job site have something in common. It all begins and ends with the best hunting boots and high-quality work boots from Glauber’s Sports. Glauber’s stocks many sizes and styles of hunting boots and work boots for men and women.

The Best Hunting Boots and Work Boots Brands

Glauber’s understands the importance of quality-made, affordable hunting boots and work boots. We carry the most popular styles from the leading brands in sporting goods footwear. Top work boots brands like:

  • Wolverine
  • Muck Boot Company
  • Carolina Boots
  • Timberland Pro Boots
  • Keen
  • Redwing

Every good sportsman needs a good pair of durable boots for the outdoors that will hold up under the harshest conditions. At Glauber’s Sports, you can browse a wide selection of boots that will get the job done!

Steel Toe Work Boots & Comp Toe Work Boots

Sometimes getting the job done requires the protection of safety toe work boots. Glauber’s has a selection of Steel Toe Work Boots in stock. We also carry the more lightweight, Composite Toe Work Boot for those looking to lighten the load without sacrificing safety. Depending on your Work Boot Requirements, Glauber’s has a variety of options to suit your needs.

Electrical Hazard Work Boots

Glauber’s has more than just hunting and sporting footwear. We carry a line of Electrical Hazard Work Boots for job safety requirements at some employers. Electrical Hazard Work Boots have thickly insulated soles that have been tested by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) for their protection against electrocution. The ASTM provides labels that clearly identifies the ratings. If your employer requires safety rated, Electrical Hazard Work Boots, check out Glauber’s in Carrollton, KY to try on your next pair.

Waterproof Hunting Boots & Work Boots

Waterproof hunting boots and work boots help protect your feet from getting wet. Made from a variety of materials, waterproof hunting boots & work boots keep your feet dry and warm depending on the level of insulation in the shoe. Water-resistant work boots are great for most outdoor activities in comfortable weather. However, if you’re going out in rain or expect to traipse through shallow creek beds or streams, it is important to purchase a quality-made, trusted waterproof hunting boot or work boot. Our staff can help you navigate the options for the best fit.

Hunting Apparel Accessories

Glauber’s Sports, in Carrollton, KY, truly is the one-stop shop for all your hunting and outdoor sporting needs. We have premium made Sunglasses with UV blocking, anti-glare and high-definition quality visibility. We carry baseball hats, hunting caps, and winter hats. We can help you stay protected in freezing temperatures and keep the sun out of your eyes and your face so you can focus on that shot. We’ve also got you covered with hand and pocket warmers, belts, socks and replacement boot laces in all sizes. Stop by today and stock up on all those last minute items as you head out on your next big trip.